Friday, October 25, 2013

Move Blackberry Contact to Android

Blackberry Smartphone and Android phone become popular in Indonesia lately. Blackberry with their feature Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and Android with new operating system with open source concept. Currently blackberry collaborate with other Smartphone in order can use with Android basis because people more prefer using Android due to available in many price option. This make many Blackberry user change to Android.

The problem come when they want to move their contact in blackberry to Android, moving one by one is a wrong choice and wasting time.

Moving contact using Bluetooth
  • From Blackberry home screen click on Option (whrench icon) > Networks and Connection > Bluetooth connection.
  • Turn on Bluetooth > On
  • In Paired Devices, click on “Add a New device”, then click on “Search” and your Android should be detected.
  • Select your Android device and click on Submit to prompt your device.
  • On your Blackberry go to “Paired Device” now appears and select your Android phone
  • Press Blackberry button and select “Transfer contacts”
  • Authorize Bloetooth access on Android device and wait for the transfer to be completed.