Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung Duos Type CE0168

This phone cell is old type and now may be not produced anymore. Samsung Duos are more similar with Samsung Galaxy but this phone cell is cheap mobile edition. The picture below is Samsung Galaxy, but Samsung Duos also have similar model with this phone cell. This phone almost similar with expensive phone like Smart Phone and Black Berry.

The feature on Samsung Duos CE0168 completed by:
  • Touch Screen
  • Photo camera
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory (add by yourself an extension)
  • Radio
  • Double Simcard
  • Internet (twitter, facebook, BTMsgr, etc)
Practice Use:
To change the card between one to others just push on the right bottom side button of the phone. 
To activate the phone just push the button on the right upside of the phone.
To do more on the phone just to wipe on the screen

Special Use:
To create message just tough menu then touch on the message then choose create message. On the to box touch and touch again contact and choose the contact, to start create message just touch on the wide box and start write message as usual.

To Unblock Call 
If you rejected the call from someone else, may inadvertently, every time they call you, your phone will reject them, and automatically they can't reach you. 

You can unlock certain phone number from calling to you by choose Setting, choose Call, choose All call, choose Auto reject, delete any number on this record.