Thursday, September 21, 2017

Make Electric Circuit On PCB Coppercoat plate

Prepare chemicals and tools need for make electric circuit over coppercoat plate

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is a plastic sheet that coated with copper which is copper have very good electric conductivity. Over this PCB we create a circuit that connect of every legs of electric component in order can flow electric current through circuit board. Through PCB we can connected each component that is needed to connect and release an electric current as we propose.

To make electric circuit over PCB we need the following parts:

  1. Blank PCB single layer
  2. Ferro-chloride Powder ( the solution of this powder is functioned to dilute copper that is stick on PCB)
  3. Iron
  4. Photo paper
  5. Wash basin
  6. Nippers
  7. Mini Drill
After all the above material provide then we ready to the next step.

Make Electric Circuit Layout On PCB Copperplate

To create simple layout of electric circuit on PCB we can download from the computer of many electric circuit for an purpose. After we got the circuit layout then we can print on photo paper or on calendar paper. To print this we better use laser printer to make a smooth line. To print this layout we can just rent on photo copy rental to make cheap. The sample of printing result as on the below picture.

Electric Circuit Sampel

Other Electric Circuit
  1. Prepare blank PCB and clean the surface with alcohol or other cleaning solution like thinner and let it dry.
  2. Stick the printed paper with drawing face to the copperplate layer of PCB.
  3. Use adhesive tape to make this paper don’t move from the blank PCB
  4. Cover it again with paper like newspaper
  5. Ironing the newspaper for about 3 minutes, set the thermostat of ironing in about ¼ of the total hot setting in order not too hot. If the iron too hot the drawing can be blurred on the PCB and make bad electric circuit.
  6. Dipped into the hot water for about 2 minutes to open paper that stick to the PCB easily. From this process you will get electric circuit drawing over the PCB, clean all paper that still stick on the PCB carefully. If the drawing don’t perfectly or there is a disconnected line, you can repair this line using permanent ink.
  7. Let the PCB dry
  8. Use wash basin from plastic or ceramic and put in them Ferro Chloride solution. Basin wide must enough to put in the PCB in the bath. To make the solution of Ferro Chloride put hot water one liter and mixed with 2 food spoon of Ferro Chloride powder. Stir this mixing until all Ferro Chloride diluted.
  9. Put into this solution PCB with electric circuit and shake the PCB until the rest of copper but the copper with electric circuit line is not dilute.
  10. After the rest of coppercoat is finished wash with water to clean the solution.
  11. Clean the PCB plate with sand paper to make ink that stick to the board is removed.
  12. Clean again with water and let it dry.
  13. Drill the board for each electric component which will put electric components.
  14. Done

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Download Pokemon to Your Android Device

How to Download Pokemon for Your Android Device

Pokemon GO
Young people may already knows but for adult people maybe never use or interest to this issue. Pokemon Go is a Game that is free to play based augmented reality game that is developed by Nantic fo IOS and Android Phone. The game was the result of a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo. This game is released in July 2016, that use mobile device and GPS function for ability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creature called Pokemon.

Pokemon Face

To download Pokemon game for secure you make sure that you use Google play store, otherwise you can get lost program that sometimes can make your computer being invected by viruses. But for some countries Pokemon program still don’t available in Google Play Store. If so you must using other third party service to get this program to download. If you already download this you may be interested to Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and many others
Download Pokemon Go using Google Play Store:

  • You just search on Google Playstore and find-out the Pokemon program on there. After find it you can download directly. But if can’t find may be this program is not available for free for your country.
  • Download Pokemon GO Using Third Party Source
  • Open your phone setting  look for a gray cog on the home screen labelled “Setting” and tan on it.
  • Scroll down to the security section, you will see a button labelled Allow installation of apps from unknown source, if indicate yes you just go to the next step. But be careful that allowing apps to be installed from third party source can make your phone more risk from malware. So you can setting your phone to allowing at once, and automatically your phone will close again from other apps to be installed automatically.

Install Pokemon using Desktop Computer

You can download the program from third party service from somewhere else, then you can keep the file download to your computer. After you find the program you can run them to be installed to your android phone.

Download Android File Transfer

Using this program will allow you to transfer Pokemon GO app to your phone. You can download firt Android File transfer application for using this way. To get this file you can get from this link below:

  • To get file on
  • Go to the Download Now botton then click to download
  • Usually the file will keep in download folder in your computer if not it is mean that your browser setting already change and you must looking the file as your setting on your browser.
  • To move the file hold down mouse on the icon and drag it across to the application folder on your phone ofcourse after you connect your phone with data cable connector.
  • After that you can using your phone to findout the application, and you ready to play.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Electrical Equipments


  • The Construction is similar with DC generator.
  • DC Generator act same as DC motor using a suitable potential through output terminal (DC motor act as DC generator but in reverse operation).
  • Operates based on the principle that a current carrying conductor placed in, and at right angles to, a magnetic field tends to move in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force (right-hand rule).


  • Mostly uses with constant speed in many applications (speed is depend on the frequency of every pole given).
  • AC motor mostly use synchronous 3- phase motor induction.
  • Rotor is a “cage” with conductors arranged in a cylinder with short circuited ends
    Rotor currents are supplied by electromagnetic induction, and a rotating magnetic field is established by 3-phase stator windings


Dry-cell batteries:
  • Cylinder container is made from zinc, carbon electrode and ammonium chloride as electrolyte.
  • Wet-cell batteries: Lead acid battery mostly use can be recharge with change and forced the electric direction.

Lead Acid Battery


This equipment is used to transfer energy using electromagnetic induction.
Primary and secondary winding (between them is isolated) install in the apposite direction of ferromagnetic core.
Use for step up electric voltage (“step-up transformer”) or step down electric voltage (“stepdown transformer”)
Voltage is increased if the primary winding Voltage is raised when the primary winding has fewer turns than the secondary winding, and voltage is lowered when the primary winding has more turns than the secondary winding.

Simple Transformer


Answer the question below:
1. Calculate value of V1, V2, V3, V4 and I!

2. Calculate the value of I1, I2, I3, I4 and total resistance of the circuit!

Basic Electrical Theory

Basic Electrical

Electrical practice, On this theory we will learn about:
  1. Understand of basic electrical theory by definition, DC and AC.
  2. Understand How to use Ohm and Kirchoff law to apply on simple network.
  3. Understand of how electric current is merged
  4. Understand of generator part basic and the function.
  5. Understand of generator classification
  6. Understand of how the electric appliance below work :
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Transformer
  • Current (I): flow of electricity per time unit, in Ampere or A unit.
  • Electromotive Force (emf) (E): potential difference "electric pressure" that is force electric current, measure in "volts" (V)
  • Resistance (R): electrical network that is against of electric current, measure in "ohms" (W)
  • Conductor: material that have little resistant of electric current, such silver, copper, iron, etc.
  • Insulator: material has high resistant to electric current such as wood, paper, plastic, etc.
Direct Current (DC)
Electric current having same big and same direction
Ohm law : Electric current is directly proportional to potential difference and inversely proportional to the network resistance.
V = I . R
P = I2 . R = V . I
Kirchoff Law:

1. Sum of all potential difference in close network is zero.
In Series Network: Rc = R1 + R2 + R3 + ...
Problem Example:
On closed circuit is installed 3 resistances in serial order, each of this resistance 5 ohm, What is the Resistance total on that circuit?
Rc = R1 + R2 + R3 = 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 ohm
In Parallel Network: 1/Rp = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + ...
Problem Example:
On closed circuit is installed 3 resistances in parallel order, each of this resistance 5 ohm, What is the Resistance total on that circuit?
1/Rp = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 = 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 3/5
Rp = 5/3 = 1 2/3 ohm = 1.667 ohm

2. The sum of all electric current in = sum of all electric current out
Alternating Current (AC)
  • Electric Current will change the big and its direction for the same interval.
  • Current have time function and always vary as sinus function.
Induksi emf (electromotive force)
  • Faraday founded that emf being inducted to the conductor if the magnet passing conductor, so that the moving between magnet and conductor will cut band flux of magnetic.
  • Direction of emf induction depend on the direction magnetic moving between magnet and conductor.
  • Current big inducted depend on the magnet flux, magnet speed when passing conductor and the number of flux magnet that is cut.
3 ways should be attention on produce potential difference
  • Magnetic field
  • Conductor
  • Relative movement

Electromagnetic Induction


Emf (Electromotive Force) inducted direction

Induction Electric



Permanent magnet always too weak for any application
Parts of Generator:
  • Prime mover: mechanic force that move rotor, such as turbine gas, diesel engine, etc.
  • Armature windings: conductor in which is the potential out inducted
  • Field windings: conductor used for resulting magnetic field (need DC current)
  • Stator: static generator housing
  • Rotor: rotate inside stator, moved by prime mover (steam turbine, gas turbine, internal combustion engine, etc.)
  • Sliding contacts (slip-rings and brushes): Used for electric transfer in magnetic field or armature to and from rotor. 

Simple AC Generator

Electric Generator

There are two kind of AC Generator
Revolving armature
  • Rotor is armature that is rotate inside of static electromagnetic field.
  • Seldom to use because power out should be transfer through slip-ring and brush
Revolving field
  • DC electric is supplied by motor cause the magnetic field rotate inside stator.
  • More simple because supply current need by field smaller than current out from armature.

Revolving Armature

Revolving Field

Relationship of generator speed and frequency.
N x P = 120 x f
"Nuclear Power is 120 times as Fun"
Three Phase Electric Power
  • Using 3 armature circumference to yield three different output.
  • Armature circumstance physically separated 120o each others, so every phase separated of 120o.
  • Power resulted by generator higher by certain weight and dimension.
  • Continuously giving energy to electric appliance even broken of one phase.
1- Fase VS. 3- Fase

Generator Classifications
  • Number of phases: most shipboard electrical power is 3 phase
  • Frequency: most shipboard electrical power is60 Hz, some electronic equipment operate at 400 Hz or higher
  • Voltage: usually 450 V, smaller appliances use 120 V
  • Power rating: measured in kW, most shipboard generators are 2,000 - 3,000 kW

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Android VS BlackBerry

Android have better when open application, because blackberry can open multitasking so that you can open other application at the same time.



 The Benefit of Android

Android cellphone have real time feature notification, so that when any SMS, email or notification will merge at the screen of your android phonecell.
Almost android phonecell have lower price, so you can buy with your choice.
Android can have more application that make use connect to internet on and on. So you must stay tune with your internet all day, so android phocell will have high maintenance cost.

The Benefit of BlackBerry

BBM messenger is application that should be insert into the BlackBerry phone to make easier for user to communicate. This application make the beneficial of Blackberry.
Push mail become the benefit of blackberry, we can access mail vastly and easy.
To have access of BBM messenger you must apply BIS. So you will expense of telephone and sms you also must pay for BIS application.

BlackBerry price is expensive, and relative more expensive for Indonesian people mostly.