Monday, October 16, 2017

Computer Speed Slow Down

If you use an Apple computer, your computer system will use a File Extension 09 on your computer registry system. This file often affects the speed of your computer work. Because if one of your system file broken this may still work but the computer then run slowly. Other problem can be by viruses attack, your computer should install cleaner and antivirus. The second tips in order not easy to attack, you must create window password to open your windows.

But longer you use your computer then slower it runs and the more it crashes? Often this phenomenon is caused by problems in the registry that accrue over time. Installing and uninstalling programs leave behind fragments — stray files, orphaned startup tasks, corrupted drivers. Over time the registry starts to get bogged down and conflicts emerge. One reason that can cause this slow motion of your computer work, is because of your File Extension 09 broken.

Overcoming this problem it should check the system registry file on your computer. Then you can conducts deep scans of your registry to check for errors and conflicts, then repairs and optimize the registry to peak performance and stability. Periodic scans will keep your registry "clean" and will greatly enhance your system’s performance and stability. You’ll see immediate increases in speed and decreases in system conflicts. You can try to download this File Extension 09 to repair your computer system file.

Basic Electric

Electron moving
Electron and Nucleus Atom contains skin and nucleus. Skin of atom contains number electrons and has negative charge. The knowledge about the atom on physics is the basic electric knowledge. These electron moves around the nucleus on rounder orbit shape. This order of every orbit only can have a certain electron with certain rule, that every orbit can contain maximum electron 2 n2 (n = number of orbit that is counted from the nearest to the nucleus). So the first orbit can only have 2 electrons, the second orbit can have maximum 8 electrons, and so on.

Nucleus or center of atom have positive charge; on the nucleus have proton and neutron. This proton and neutron can't move to other atom. As example for atom hydrogen have one electron, one proton and one proton. As electron theory proton have positive pole, neutron don't have charge or neutral. Between proton and neutron is bound tightly. Actually the condition on the atom is look like the formation of solar system in the universe. Electron always circle atomic nucleus like planets encircle the sun. Bigger rotation circle also bigger energy. The electron circle nucleus 300.000.000 meter/second, this is amazing speed for electron that is very small. Although an atom can own a lot of electron but in rotation electrons encircle the atomic nucleus never colliding each other, because every electron rotate in their path. Free Electron On the atom sometimes have free electrons that are located in the outer of the electron circle path and have farthest distance from the nucleus.

This electron can move to other couple atom and become the group of this atom to circle other nucleus atom. The properties of this electron called free electron. Free electron usually available on the metal material; such as iron, copper, silver, gold etc. Non metal material such as glass, ebonite, wood, mica, etc, has no free electron. On the electric matter this free electron has an important role in conducting electric current.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Make Phone Cell Battery Charger

Electric Circuit for Phone Cell Battery Charger

For the time being we all use phone that always need battery charger after use for certain time. Actually the development of technology already made a better battery that can keep power longer time, but phone cell activity like many application are running on and for this also much more consume power. Battery charger also sold in cellular shop cheap because this product already mass produce by big company like from China.

By the way we can make phone cell charger by ourselves if we want to do, or want to repair your battery charger because can’t stand for longer time. The basic theory of electric can convert from AC to DC electric current. We also know that the frequency of household normally 60 Hz. This conversion can draw as follows:

Electric Wave from AC to DC

Those alternating current then connected to electric transformer to reduce the voltage and several diode to make electric current become direct current. For phone cell usually use 9 volt out put from transformer and we set after flow out from electric converter become 5 volt DC Current.

And then after through electric circuit that arrange using four Diode the electric frequency become like the below diagram.

Complete Diagram of AC/DC converter

The above circuit need other part called as Capacitor that keep electric current slow up and slow down when there is electric shock in or out. This capacitor can make the profile of electric current more even not like wave up and down. Using capacitor can make the DC current more stable not up and down and no electric shock when the plug is cut off from electric source, and after install in PCB will look like as below.

AC/DC Adapter

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Make Electric Circuit On PCB Coppercoat plate

Prepare chemicals and tools need for make electric circuit over coppercoat plate

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is a plastic sheet that coated with copper which is copper have very good electric conductivity. Over this PCB we create a circuit that connect of every legs of electric component in order can flow electric current through circuit board. Through PCB we can connected each component that is needed to connect and release an electric current as we propose.

To make electric circuit over PCB we need the following parts:

  1. Blank PCB single layer
  2. Ferro-chloride Powder ( the solution of this powder is functioned to dilute copper that is stick on PCB)
  3. Iron
  4. Photo paper
  5. Wash basin
  6. Nippers
  7. Mini Drill
After all the above material provide then we ready to the next step.

Make Electric Circuit Layout On PCB Copperplate

To create simple layout of electric circuit on PCB we can download from the computer of many electric circuit for an purpose. After we got the circuit layout then we can print on photo paper or on calendar paper. To print this we better use laser printer to make a smooth line. To print this layout we can just rent on photo copy rental to make cheap. The sample of printing result as on the below picture.

Electric Circuit Sampel

Other Electric Circuit
  1. Prepare blank PCB and clean the surface with alcohol or other cleaning solution like thinner and let it dry.
  2. Stick the printed paper with drawing face to the copperplate layer of PCB.
  3. Use adhesive tape to make this paper don’t move from the blank PCB
  4. Cover it again with paper like newspaper
  5. Ironing the newspaper for about 3 minutes, set the thermostat of ironing in about ¼ of the total hot setting in order not too hot. If the iron too hot the drawing can be blurred on the PCB and make bad electric circuit.
  6. Dipped into the hot water for about 2 minutes to open paper that stick to the PCB easily. From this process you will get electric circuit drawing over the PCB, clean all paper that still stick on the PCB carefully. If the drawing don’t perfectly or there is a disconnected line, you can repair this line using permanent ink.
  7. Let the PCB dry
  8. Use wash basin from plastic or ceramic and put in them Ferro Chloride solution. Basin wide must enough to put in the PCB in the bath. To make the solution of Ferro Chloride put hot water one liter and mixed with 2 food spoon of Ferro Chloride powder. Stir this mixing until all Ferro Chloride diluted.
  9. Put into this solution PCB with electric circuit and shake the PCB until the rest of copper but the copper with electric circuit line is not dilute.
  10. After the rest of coppercoat is finished wash with water to clean the solution.
  11. Clean the PCB plate with sand paper to make ink that stick to the board is removed.
  12. Clean again with water and let it dry.
  13. Drill the board for each electric component which will put electric components.
  14. Done

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Download Pokemon to Your Android Device

How to Download Pokemon for Your Android Device

Pokemon GO
Young people may already knows but for adult people maybe never use or interest to this issue. Pokemon Go is a Game that is free to play based augmented reality game that is developed by Nantic fo IOS and Android Phone. The game was the result of a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo. This game is released in July 2016, that use mobile device and GPS function for ability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creature called Pokemon.

Pokemon Face

To download Pokemon game for secure you make sure that you use Google play store, otherwise you can get lost program that sometimes can make your computer being invected by viruses. But for some countries Pokemon program still don’t available in Google Play Store. If so you must using other third party service to get this program to download. If you already download this you may be interested to Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and many others
Download Pokemon Go using Google Play Store:

  • You just search on Google Playstore and find-out the Pokemon program on there. After find it you can download directly. But if can’t find may be this program is not available for free for your country.
  • Download Pokemon GO Using Third Party Source
  • Open your phone setting  look for a gray cog on the home screen labelled “Setting” and tan on it.
  • Scroll down to the security section, you will see a button labelled Allow installation of apps from unknown source, if indicate yes you just go to the next step. But be careful that allowing apps to be installed from third party source can make your phone more risk from malware. So you can setting your phone to allowing at once, and automatically your phone will close again from other apps to be installed automatically.

Install Pokemon using Desktop Computer

You can download the program from third party service from somewhere else, then you can keep the file download to your computer. After you find the program you can run them to be installed to your android phone.

Download Android File Transfer

Using this program will allow you to transfer Pokemon GO app to your phone. You can download firt Android File transfer application for using this way. To get this file you can get from this link below:

  • To get file on
  • Go to the Download Now botton then click to download
  • Usually the file will keep in download folder in your computer if not it is mean that your browser setting already change and you must looking the file as your setting on your browser.
  • To move the file hold down mouse on the icon and drag it across to the application folder on your phone ofcourse after you connect your phone with data cable connector.
  • After that you can using your phone to findout the application, and you ready to play.