Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Berry Messenger In Local Phonecell

Using of instant messenger or chatting use phonecell become high intensity in young people. While using SMS as communication media more intense than IM especially in local phonecell. This feature usually provide in Black Berry and other expensive phonecell. Beside more cheap using SMS, IM also need special phone that completed with those facility.

The survey result, chatting still don’t familiar by villager even they are also use phonecell intensively, but they are usually use SMS to communicate. Because they are just using simple sms they don’t send photo or voices.

From this survey result Chinese phonecell will provide Me-Chat feature on all Chinese phonecell that use MTK operation system. Future this local phone cell will have their own self chat feature.

What features that provided on this phone?

  • Search Friend from phonebook.
  • Friend List and Chat List.
  • Movable Emoticon
  • Send photo (ME-Pix or ME-Share).
  • Send audio, include voice record (ME-audio).
  • Information status sending like D (Delivered), R (Received), S (Send), and (fail sending).
  • Facebook and Twitter up date (status like friend).
  • Manage history and setting.
  • ME-Translator (English, Indonesia, Spain, Thailand, mandarin).
  • ME-Mail read email from many account
  • ME-Pix (ME-Share) to share photo