Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sending SMS From Email

Sending SMS from mail currently not as new innovation but this technology actually can threatened phone business. When sending pulse from internet we don't use pulse but we use internet service. So when we use phonecell that just use internet technology and can send SMS just use internet technology so they also can use telephone using internet technology, they should not pay for pulse, but I don't very sure about this.

We can send SMS message to contact mobile using Gmail or Yahoo mail. How to do this in Gmail, follow the below instructions:

  1. On your contact's name, in Box Chat, search or invite friends, and select Send SMS from the box option that appears on the right. If you already have a Chat window open for this contact, just click Option, and select Send SMS. 
  2. In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the Send SMS messages to this number field. Then this feature can works only on United States phone numbers. If you're outside the US, you can still use it, but if you won't see the SMS option in chat until you enable it manually in the chat setting page.
  3. Click Save
  4. When chat window appears, just type your message as usual. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered.
If your contact replies, the text message response will appear as a reply in Chat. These conversations are store in your chat history just like regular chats. But we can't record the SMS in when our SMS communication go off.