Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walk Around Predictive Maintenance

The predictive maintenance program allow maintenance personnel or Rockwell Automation field service engineers to regularly collect and analyze data, and make recommendation based on their analyze and visual observations.

With a single environment software package. Dynamic portable data collectors build statistic alarms over time, which store trending and other valuable information over the life of the system. Predefined auto-diagnostics functions allow users to automatically analyze recurring issue for easier problem resolution. Users can easily migrate to an integrated, online surveillance solution as their program grows. Allen-Bradley Enpac 2500 portable data collector.

Real Time Protection

Real time protection systems provide continuous monitoring of the most critical machinery in accordance with API-670 standard. This system are used for application in which failure could result in major production loss or when high speed equipment could compromise personnel or environment safety.

Parameters are monitored to analyzed the health of the machine such as vibrators speed temperature and thrust. If a problem occurs, the machine will immediately shut down protecting itself from further damage. Dynamics XM modules and Emonitor software make up this solutions.