Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Point To Pay Attention When Buy Speaker

The thing should be paid attention when you buy a speaker are:

· The Dimension:
Do you want a small hanging speaker or a big stand speaker.

· Mach:
Amplifier should mach with the speaker, at least the power handling about 20-100 watt.

· Sensitive Level
Speaker with high sensitive easier for amplifier working.

· Impedance
Low impedance will make high flow from amplifier, most amplifier have 6-8 ohm of impedance.

What is installed in our speaker?
Speaker Stand

Sound of stand mounting speaker will more interesting if assembly with a couple of sturdy speaker stand. This make the speaker will stand steady so that all the energy from the driver use to divide the air, instead to move the cabinet.

Insulation Platform

This seal is used under the CD player, amplifier and record player. Insulation platform will cover all our equipment from external vibration that can affect the sound quality. Equipment with push button can lay under your equipment and the price is cheap.

Supporting Equipment

Place your equipment in hi-fi rack in order can get increase soundstaging, base extension and treble clarity. This equipment is available in many type and dimensions.