Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Purchase Speaker and Amplifier

The tips below if needed when you’d like to purchase speaker and amplifier. If you directly go to the electronic shop without any clue to buy speaker or amplifier, you will confused because so many product with high price without important tools on the product. This one just guide you, but many product have modified and completed with more added tools and may more modern than I know.


The Important Point When Purchase Speaker


What is the important point when you buy speaker?

This advice should be attention:

·         Check if the player can be used for CDR or CDRW

·         Check what the Remote control program accomplished with, so you can arrange the track you like to play.

·         Is there any digital output to record to minidisc or CDRW.

·         Headphone socket should be handy and easy to bring every where.

·         Check if accomplished with CD multiplayer that can be loaded with more than one disk and suitable for ceremony.

·         Should be accomplished with variable output to arrange the speaker volume without using amplifier.


The Important Point When Purchase Amplifier


·         A/B speaker should be able to switch.

·         Line input should be connecting to the CD player, tape deck and tuner.

·         Photo input is needed on connecting to turntable.

·         Have multi power, not just have big volume arranger, but able to give more dynamic factor.

·         Tone control should be able to slow down the voice.

·         Should have pre-out socket that can control output phone, easy to arrange the voice volume.