Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ideal TV for Beijing Olympic Game

Several Type of TV have been trial and what is the best among them, will tell you here. These problem will no cost if you just use a small and cheap TV model, but if you will choose a TV with wide screen and expensive, your choice must be careful and exact.

From the trial of several TV model will compare, CRT TV Panasonic TX-32 PD30, LCD TV Philips 30PF9975 and Plasma TV Panasonic TH-42PW6. Plasma TV has higher price if compare with conventional CRT TV with wider screen size. So to select what is the best model of TV than try of the three of TV model.

Some friend using Plasma TV but the scene is not make fascinating see this TV, other friend using flat TV and show the Finding Nemo, for this look amazing scene, the picture really nice. Plasma TV and LCD have develop their product lately, but don’t make you deceived when test drive using DVD. Better moving this TV screen to the family room to make sure and suitable with your needed.

The first trial is Plasma TV Panasonic of TH-42PW6, we admire with the size and thin flat screen, and then try to turn on, and this is greater than see on the same kind of friend TV model. This TV still bouncing light when place in a bright room so the picture sometimes is not clear and very disturb eyesight.

Then try with other kind of TV model, LCD TV Philips 30PF9975, these TV completed with pixel plus technology and give more clearly and detail picture. Try with online foot ball game, this TV can show detail picture and better that first trial of Plasma TV. The important point for sport game can show the high tight event, and on this TV still show a blurry picture and leave a vapor step around the players. This event is often happened on that critical moment but usual.

The last trial is the pre-eminent product of Panasonic, CRT TV of Panasonic TX-32PD30, like other TV this also not easy to move and need of special room because of the size. On this TV model there is no doubt about the picture quality that completed by crystalline screen, this TV can show the depth of field dimension with natural and amazing colors, and when try using DVD make more admire because can’t differ about the real world and illusion world. Also try with online football game, the penalty kick are very deep and clear, no cloud around the player and make feel amazing. Then the final choice are on CRT TV – Panasonic TX-32PD30.