Thursday, August 21, 2008

Create a Screw Cable

If you see your cable on your desk phone, you see your telephone cable on hand set will screw and this screw is permanent. To build this screw cable actually is very simple. Look on the cable below, I would like screw this straight telephone cable. For to do this I need a simple tools for my experiment. A round iron bar or hollow iron, fire to make this iron hot and a clamp to handle my hot iron before rolled around it.

The hollow iron on picture below that I handle is still cold, if this iron have fire, must use a clamp to handle that iron, on the real process this iron must be fired first before the cable rolled around the hollow iron.

  1. Fire this hollow iron or roll iron in gas stove for about 3 minutes.
  2. Take the hot iron using clamp; don’t use your finger directly!
  3. Rolled the cable around that hot iron, handled and wait for about one and half minutes
  4. Then lets the rolled cold and you can loose it.
After open the cable have rolled like the picture below. The important think should intents on this process are the iron temperature not too hot and not too cold. If too hot make the cable melt, but if too cold the cable won’t roll, if you can hold with your naked hand of that hot iron its mean that the iron temperature still too cold. You can try by yourself and be careful, hot iron can make your finger burnt, better you use hands glove to make your work safe.

The result is as on the picture below: