Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The softness of Meredian G07

A great quality of this CD player that is formed with the great performance, give a softness and calmly, as promo statement of Meredian. Are that statement is fulfilled? Exactly Meredian hope that their customer will satisfy and fulfilled their recommendation every release hi-fi and wide screen product, including of G07 as their mainstay on the CD player product competition.

The quality, design and view of this product (make the owner more prestige) is sturdy compare with their earlier product such as Meredian 507 and 588 that is very good.

Back of Meredian G07 can find of one set analog output, combine with optic digital output and coaxial. Meredian G07 can directly connect to speaker Meredian DSP, using special cable that is available on that speaker. That also available a converter to convert internal digital to analog, amplifier and software control may to connect other Meredian product to the system.

Internally G07 use the newest electronics component; multiplayer PCB, separate 4 cables and DAC 192 Hz/24 bit capacity. On this system use material that develop an interesting audio system.

Musical composer need extraordinary precision and smart. Like missile with laser guidance to the aim, all the musical elements is keep stabile and evenly. Smooth high frequency when play a classic music as the strong point of Meredian G07. String and blow musical instrument sound great and clearly, so we can hear very detail instruments sound.

Even though this CD player has said with a great praise in many angle, for some people this condition is not quiet good. G07 say have polite character, their performance weak and don't have attack power, less of people interest. For the track that have many frequency range like Sleeping Beauty, G07 have weak impression and inspirit.

Product Review:
Strong Point:
Focus, precise mediation, detailing in many frequency range.

To calm, less perform for emotional sound

Price: CD Player G07 £ 1595 in England.