Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cyrus DVD6

Cyrus products have a special interest, even before plays. They have a good physical interest, special fascination, compact and beauty like result of bas-relief. Without see the outside interesting, the important for this kind product should see to their perform.

We have boom with many of cyrus product especially many of CD player and amplifier, but CD player rather disappointing. DVD 6 look like a calmly model, there are no progressive scan, no output component. Buyer generally need other feature of on this product.

If we want to upgrade this DVD 6 product to DVD 8 to add other feature like video component, we need more money to add this feature. Cyrus should concentrate to their perform especially on this electronic area. By using RGB output through scart, can be said that DVD6 views neutral enough. There is no digital sound problem and detail black shadow is good enough. On fast moving seen that there is red light changes to orange.

Basically this product have good perform, but the price is too expensive for the same product perform. The stereo performance also not good enough. Fine detail and timing are good but on low frequency is less heavy. So Cyrus DVD is not included in our favorite product, even there are other plus point. This product is more expensive than other similar product performance.


Donon DVD-2200: very fine universal player, with best draw viewer.

Arcam DVD-78: very good for DVD play back skills.