Saturday, November 15, 2014

Android VS BlackBerry

Android have better when open application, because blackberry can open multitasking so that you can open other application at the same time.



 The Benefit of Android

Android cellphone have real time feature notification, so that when any SMS, email or notification will merge at the screen of your android phonecell.
Almost android phonecell have lower price, so you can buy with your choice.
Android can have more application that make use connect to internet on and on. So you must stay tune with your internet all day, so android phocell will have high maintenance cost.

The Benefit of BlackBerry

BBM messenger is application that should be insert into the BlackBerry phone to make easier for user to communicate. This application make the beneficial of Blackberry.
Push mail become the benefit of blackberry, we can access mail vastly and easy.
To have access of BBM messenger you must apply BIS. So you will expense of telephone and sms you also must pay for BIS application.

BlackBerry price is expensive, and relative more expensive for Indonesian people mostly.