Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conductors For General Wiring

This article contains of general requirement for conductors and their type designations, insulations, markings, mechanical strengths, ampacity ratings, and uses. These requirement do not apply to conductors that form an integral part of equipment, such as motors, motor conductors, and similar equipment, or to conductors specifically provided for elsewhere in this code. The conductor should be isolated. The conductor type should be made from materials of aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, or copper unless otherwise specified. Standard conductors where insulated in raceways, conductors of size No. 8 and larger shall be stranded.

Conductor in Parallel.
Aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, or copper conductors of size No.1/0 and larger, comprising each phase, neutral or grounded circuit conductor, shall be permitted to be connected in parallel (electrically joined at both end to form a single conductor).

The parallel conductor in each phase, neutral or grounded circuit conductor must:

  • be the same length
  • have the same conductor material
  • be the same size in circular mil area
  • have the same insulation type
  • be terminated in the same manner
Where run in separate raceways or cables, the raceways or cables should have the same physical characteristics.

The minimum size of conductors should be follow of the table below:
Voltage Rating of conductors          Minimum Conductor Size
(Volt)                                              (AWG)
0 through 2000                              14 Copper
                                                     12 Aluminum or Copper Clad Aluminum
2001 through 5000                         8
5001 through 8000                         6
8001 through 15000                       2
15001 through 28000                     1
28001 through 35000                    1/0
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