Friday, July 23, 2010


Generally capacitors contains of two insulated conductor a and b with many form. We assume that of the whole of two plate isolate from their environment and bring of electric load with the similar quantity but with apposite charge, +q and –q. Every flow from a will ended in b, the next assumption all the conductor of a and b locate in vacuum place.

We don’t need to charge each conductor separately, but just connected to apposite battery pole. Loaded charge automatically will same but apposite. For a while we assume that q and V is proportionally,

Q = CV

Where C is comparison factor called as Capacitance from that capacitor. We assume for a while that C depend on the form and relative position from those conductors. C depend on the conductor medium places, but for a while that medium is vacuum.

SI unit for capacitance is coulomb/volt. Special unit like Farad use to express this SI unit. So 1 farad = 1 coulomb/volt.

Capacitors is an electronic part that is very important for engineer and physics. A capacitor can result electric field configuration for many purposes. Capacitor can keep an electric power that accumulate between the plates that actually keep on the electric field, whatever those field is produced. On the electronic age is nothing without capacitors. Capacitors are used in many appliance to reduce the voltage fluctuation on power supply, forward a pulse to result or detect electromagnetic oscillation on radio frequency, to provide electronic time delay and in many other purposes.