Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to Install Air Conditioning

To install air condition on your house, please follow the instruction and the step as follows:
  • Select the best location
  • Install Indoor Unit
  • Install the outdoor unit
  • Connect the piping
  • Evacuation of the Equipment
  • Connect the cable to the outdoor and Indoor Unit
  • Piping Insulation

The detail of each step will describe as follows:

Select the best location
The best location of your Air condition should consider about the distribution of the air from air condition should be able to spread to all the room, and the important location of air condition should be easily to drain the water out from AC to outside the house. Outdoor unit must be located in safe place and avoid from children playing and avoid exposing from sun and rain. The location of outdoor unit should be near of indoor unit even though separate by wall.

Install indoor Unit
  • Install Plate of Air Condition hanger to the wall.
  • Connect the cable to indoor unit, inside and outside cable can be connected without removing the front grille.
  • Connecting cable between indoor unit and outdoor unit. Cable must be connected as the guidance on the guidance book, usually connect between the same cable number, 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and + to +. Cable connection on this equipment must be properly earthed. Earth wire should be yellow color.
  • Cutting and Flaring the piping, please cut using pipe cutter and then remove the burrs by using reamer, if burrs is not removed, gas leakage may be caused. Make the flare after inserting the flare nut onto the copper pipe.
Install the Outdoor Unit
Fix the unit on concrete or rigid frame firmly and horizontally by bolt nut (F 10 mm). When installing at root, please consider strong wind and earthquake. Fasten the installation stand firmly with bolt or nails.

Connect the Piping
The piping is connected between indoor piping and outdoor piping. Please make flare after inserting flare nut (locate at joint portion of tube assembly) onto the copper pipe.
  • Align the center of piping and sufficiently tighten the flare nut with finger.
  • Further tighten the flare nut with torque wrench in specified torque in the table book guidance.
  • Connecting The piping to Outdoor, decide piping length and then cut by using pipe cutter. Remove burrs from cut edge. Make flare after inserting the flare nut onto the copper pipe. Align center of piping to valve and then tighten with torque wrench to the specified torque as stated in the table guidance book.
Evacuation of the Equipment
When installing Air conditioner, be sure to evacuate the air inside the indoor unit and press pipes.
  • connect a charging hose with a push pin to the low side of charging set and the service port of the 3-way valve. (be sure to connect the end of the charging hose with the push pin to the service port)
  • connect the center hose of the charging set to a vacuum pump.
  • Turn on the power switch of the vacuum pump and make sure that the needle in the gauge moves from 0 to 76 cmHg. Then evacuate the air approximately ten minutes.
  • Close the low side valve of the charging set and turn off the vacuum pump. Make sure that the needle in the gauge does not alter approximately five minutes.
  • Disconnect the charging hose from the vacuum pump and from the service port of the 3-way valve.
  • Tighten the service port caps of the 3-way valve at a torque of 18 N-m with a torque wrench.
  • Remove the valve caps of both of the 2-way valve and 3-way valve. Position both of the valves to “Open” using a hexagonal wrench (4 mm).
  • Mount valve caps onto the 2-way valve and the 3-way valve.
Connect the Cable To the Indoor and Outdoor Unit
  • Remove the control board cover from the unit by loosening the screw
  • Connecting cable between indoor unit and outdoor unit shall be approved polychloroprene sheathed 3 x 1.5 mm2 (3/4 – 1.5 HP) or 3 x 2.5 HP) flexible cord, type designation 245 IEC 57 or heavier cord.
  • Secure the cable onto the control board with the holde
  • Attach the control board cover back to the original position with screw
  • For wire stripping and connection requirement, refer to instruction of indoor unit.
Piping Insulation
  • Please carry out insulation at pipe connection portion as mentioned in Indoor/outdoor Unit Installation Procedure. Please wrap the insulated piping end to prevent water from going inside the piping.
  • If drain hose or connecting piping is in the room, please increase the insulation by using Poly-E foam with thickness 6 mm or above.