Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nexian G-350

Some person really want a black berry hand phone, but the price are very high for below people. Chinese also see this problem especially for development countries. They produce many kind of cheap phone cell, and some are similar to black berry, but with very competitive price. Here is the specifications of Nexian G-530, people said Indonesian Black Berry:

  • Dual GSM 900/1800 Hz
  • 2,0” LCD
  • MP3 Layer
  • Video Player
  • FM Radio
  • GPRS Class
  • Camera 0,1 Mega CMOS
  • Facebook & Twitter Slankers
  • Slanker Messenger
  • Mini album Jurus Tandur No. 18
  • Slank Black tone
  • About Slank
  • Slankpedia
  • Chatting application YM, MSN, Skype
  • Voice Recorder
  • Audio Recorder
  • Bluetooth
  • Support External Memory
  • Language: Indonesian – English
Price: Rp. 499,000