Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Phone Cellular Will Dominate The World

In a very high competition of phone cellular market in the world, Chinese phone cellular still dominate the cheap phone cellular market. In Indonesia have registered of about 147 million phone cell on this year, and will continue add until one person one phone cell in the next year.

In market competition of established phone cellular or Smartphone like Black Berry, iPhone or Android, Chinese phone cell is not affected still on the low marginal market and dominate on this class that fulfil for speak and SMS communication.

Chinese domination seen when the Telecommunication Department registry of new phone cell, from 26 phone cell trademark that register to this General Directorate of Telecommunication and POS on December 22 of 2009 last time, 21 trademark are from china, while others of 5 are from well-known vendor.

Well-known vendor like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung also build their fabric on China while i-Mobile build in Thailand and LG build in Korea. This condition look more interest to Chinese businessman because they won’t have any import tax for their phone cellular after ATSI decide make zero percent for phone cellular product import.

Until know china still attract of middle-low market of their phone cellular, for this marginal market is more to visual performance other than to phone function like Blue Berry 8250 that can sip of 3 SIM card to the same phone. Chinese BlackBerry also will sell just Rp. 600,000 can use of 2 SIM card inside.

New Chinese product that enter to the middle market will make more difficult to compete for well-known product like Black Berry, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson, because their price are very very low. Nokia and other trademark usually launch for Rp. 8 million for their product and Chinese will sell their product just for Rp. 3 million, a significant different price for their customer, the reality we will see then.