Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Roll Transformer Wire

We can roll transformer wire by our self, as we follow the rule to define the core size to place the wire being rolled and the size of wire itself on basic electric knowledge.

Transformer Shell
Transformer shell is use to roll the wire. This shell can be made of plastic or electric hard paper with thick about 0.8 to 15 mm. This shell should not be loose or too narrow if set to the core. The thick of side wall about 1 to 1.5 mm, the simple form of the shell is without shield in each side.

How to roll wire?
After the shell is being wrapped by a thin shellac layer that use as insulator, the roll process can do. In order the end of the wire is not loose better snared by paper or ribbon, the same way is applied to the other end of wire, about 10 to 20 ended of wire roll have inserted the paper or ribbon under the wire rolled. Then the end of wire is snared to that paper then paper is pulled out tightly.

Inserted an Iron Core
Wire rolled should be tidy and tight. Before the iron core inserted to the wire rolled, wire rolled must be coated by electronic shellac that dilute by thinner, so that shellac will seep into the coil. Every coil have been coated by shellac will stand to humid.

Inserting the iron core into the shell coil should one by one, in order to lessen air cavity should be stacked punctuated alternately. The way on inserting the iron core can be patterned of U – I or I – E. After the shell is filled by iron core, the core should be clamped tightly, this way to avoid of buzzing when given a voltage.