Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Make Phone Cell Battery More Efficient

Currently many phone cell completed with many features like Sony Ericson Xperia X2, Black Berry, and Nokia 96 or Nokia 97. More many features completed on your phone will use more battery and your phone will not efficient anymore.

- Wise use connectivity features

Although not in use, wireless connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the active conditions were spent batteries. This is because connectivity is continually trying to connect to the network or other devices.

To disable this function, you can perform the following steps. On the home screen select the icon connectivity and click Manage Connections and turn off all connections with a select menu Connection Turn Off All, except for radio signals because you need it.

Nothing wrong with you also turn off Mobile if it does not get the signal because it took place under these conditions hold your device tries to connect to the network. Another trick is to set the time on your HP.

- Set re-notification

Notifications phone or incoming messages can affect the age of your cell phone battery. If you are using the notification of the ringing and vibrating at the same time, the battery will quickly run out. Likewise if you use a special ring tones, not already available in the device.

To overcome this, select the Profile icon. In this menu, you can set the profile settings, such as Loud, Vibrate, Qite, Normal and Phone Off. For more settings, click Advanced and select other settings list and select Edit.

- Adjust the screen backlight

To modify, select the Options menu click Screen / Keyboard and set the brightness at the lowest level you can see. Set the timeout, that is how long your cell phone screen will last before it became dark.

- Wise use applications

More many applications that you activate, the faster your cell phone batteries run out. If you are constantly using multiple applications at once, you should consider spent much power. Some applications include battery spent quite a Google Map, a mobile RSS reader application that pulled content from each feed and social network applications such as Facebook.

After you use the application, you should not just press the End button. You'd better make sure you press the menu button and select the Close button. This way not only save battery life but also makes your cell phone working faster.