Monday, July 14, 2008

Integrated System 50 Million

This system is music performance completed with mid-range expressive and clear. This system integrate of well known trade mark, no doubt to get a good quality. Arcam, Marantz and Quad are the mark symbols that are no doubt in hi-fi stereo world.

Big name is not guaranteed and will success on strict competition in home cinema. The available feature here is more intention than product review or market from the real condition.


Good picture quality, rely on and interesting home cinema performance, great specs, expressive sound and picture.


Bass too small for this kind of system, the bass should be faster and stylist.

Right combination for build music and film packet with medium price.

DVD Player: Arcam DV78

Marantz SR 5400 OSE

Loud Speaker:
Quad 11 L for front and back speaker, Quad L speaker in the middle.

B&W ASW 675
Total Price to build this system is about Rp. 50,000,000,-