Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Electron Moving

Every electron have own power to push themselves with the big speed, so that arise power against their movement. Attractive force going to atomic nucleus referred to centripetal force, while force which against centripetal force referred as centrifugal force. More near to the core cell, centrifugal force will greater, on the contrary if progressively far from cell core centrifugal force will smaller. Therefore, free electron easier to loose from the atom. This electron moving sometimes irregular, so make an impression if there is no movement of electron from one place to others regularly.

Free electron moving have no pertinent effect to the atom state. On regular electron movement will seen there are a electron moving from one atom to others atom side in estafette and continuously. This regular electron moving is called as electron stream. Movement process from one atom to others called as electrification. Electron Stream Regular free electron stream toward a certain direction define as follows: if the electron stream to the right then proton stream flow to the left. From the above description can be concluding as follows:

  1. If there is different charge will arise electrical force.
  2. Regular free electron movement will flow estafette.
  3. Electron stream impressing against the proton stream.
  4. Regular electron stream result electric current. 5. Electric current contains of number of electron, which flow through conductor.