Monday, March 25, 2013

Several Tips for Samsung Android Tablet

For those who frequently download android applications are vulnerable to virus attacks, because there is a fake virus for android application update:
  • Androidos_ADSMS A
  • Androidos_dordrael I
  • Androidos_cruswin A
In addition there is the latest Android malware called Droid Dream Light (DDLight), who managed to outwit 30.000 to 120.000 users android. Here are some tips to keep your Samsung Android safe from virus attacks:
  1. Use standard feature on Android devices, set password on android
  2. Do not setting Auto connect to WI-Fi
  3. Avoid installing apps apart from the Android Market
  4. Be careful when an application for permission to open the access to personal data
  5. Use Android device-specific security applications
Samsung Tablet PC is the best-selling tablet computer in Indonesia. The security features that are tested, plus a charming form of the Android OS that is used to make a lot of people looking for it.