Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tablets and List

Tablets is not a medicine that consume to cure from some disease, but tablets here means the new kind of information tools that make we easily to use internet and other social communication freely. Tablet market is like a kid in school who at first, no one really noticed. But a year later he starts the school year a foot taller, with a new wardrobe, and suddently everyone wants to be his friend. Is that any related? It sounds no common, isn't it.

The list below is several type of tablets with the price in several countries:

NameQSPrice, $Release DateScreen 4G SizeSupport ConfirmedWiFi
Acer Iconia A100Honey Comb330-350Available7 InNoYes
Acer Iconia A200Honey Comb -Unvailable10.1 InNoYes
Acer Iconia A500Honey Comb 400Available10 InNoYes
Acer Iconia A501Honey Comb329Available10 InYesYes
Amazon Tablet 10 InUnknownUnknown201210 In-
Amazon Kindle FireAndroid 2.3 199Available7 InNoYes
Apel iPadiQS500Available9.7 InNoYes
Apel iPad2iQS500-830Available9.7 InNoYes
Archos 70Android 2.2260Available7 InNoYes
Archos 10-1Android 2.2260Available10.1 InNoYes