Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BlackBerry Based BB 10

BlackBerry does not want to miss the latest innovations phone cell, which obviously does not want incontestably with a new phonecell comes up with more fancy model. BlackBerry with new operating systems from Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry named 10 (BB 10), reportedly will be released in 2012. BB 10 is the operating system for mobile phones and BlackBerry tablet that builds on QNX operating system has been used in tablet RIM Playbook BlackBerry devices based BB 10 will use the names of cities and regions such as London, Milan, Lisbon, Black Forest, and Nevada.

According to news obtained from Crackberry, BlackBerry London (or also called Surfboard) is the first smart phone-based BB10 to be released in the next year. BlackBerry London and Milan is actually the same phone, only London bundling of Verizon (CDMA), while Milan bundling of AT & T(GSM).

BB 10-based devices will be operated by touch screen, and keeps the excellent features such as the RIM BlackBerry Messenger and push mail. The only phones that use BB 10 is just a Qwerty keyboard BlackBerry Nevada. However, Nevada will be launched in late 2012.