Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3G VS Wi-Fi

3G and Wi-Fi are mainly used in mobile communication technology, as the improvement on the technology these information technology system also can use on network access through cell phone masts forming a wide-are-network (WAN) and local area network (LAN). These both network provide connection to web, email and other services.

Currently the using of Wi-Fi will compete with 3G cell phone networks in city area and perhaps even become substitute. As the study that is published in International Journal of Mobile Communications, substituting of Wi-Fi for 3G would cut the cost of peripatetic workers and others who need access to broadband internet services when not at devices connected directly to the internet, such as desktop computers.

3G network will become more profitable as Wi-Fi coverage percentage increases, and 3G will more favorable in area of high population density. Currently municipal wireless networks have not been active in big cities across USA, but 3G cell phone itself still relatively new like smart phone cell that become more prevalent and replaces of old style cell phone.

This two system is still compete to improve their technology, but both still use broadly and don’t want to loose their customer on using their technology. But if the benefit of one system look more significant that the others, people also will change their technology and choose the last more benefit.