Monday, February 8, 2010

Ohm Law

The relationship of electric current, electric potential and electric resistance on the network express on the Ohm Law. The name of Ohm is taken from physician and mathematician of Germany, George Simon Ohm (1787 – 1854) who create this law. When he experience about electric, he found that:
  • If the resistance is fixed, current on the network will proportionate with potential. If potential increase, current flow also will increase.
  • If potential difference is fixed, current flow on that network will inversely proportionate with resistance on the network. If resistance is increased than current flow will decrease.
Electric resistance unit is Ohm using symbol Omega, Ω, stating in the formula as follows:

R = V/I or V = I x R or I = V/R
R = network resistance (Ohm, Ω)
I = electric current flow (Ampere, A)
V = potential difference (Volt, V)

The conclusion of his experiment is electric current proportionate with potential difference and inversely proportionate to resistance.