Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Adsense Earning For New Phone Cell

Have several time I have take my adsense earning from google. Not much but enough just for new phone cell, but have several time also I cancel my intention because of any other more important matter beside just phone cell. But my earning now is enough for by HP and other needs.

After choose of many phone cell trade mark, there are Samsung, Sony Ericson, and Nokia. Finally I choose Nokia because this cell phone have many function can fullfill my intention, like completed with email, internet browser, and more interesting of this phone cell is have better sound than others. Usually Nokia phone cell have bad sound, if compare with Sony Ericson generally loose, but this model have a better sound and seem nokia create this product special for hearing music.

This is not just release, this phone cell have lounch several month ago, but I really like it. Beside can browse internet, I can use for several email account and the most interesting is this phone cell have a good sound. Want to try? This product also very cheap, just for one million rupias, I have brought to my home. The name of this phone cell also describe the benefit of the function, Nokia Xpress Music.