Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saving Energy Lamp With Ilegal SNI Label

Be careful of using saving energy lamp, because Ministry of Trade Department find a lot of saving energy lighting which uses illegal label Standard National Indonesia (SNI).

It was revealed from a sudden inspection held by trade department yesterday. Trade Department found this seller in several stores in Glodok shopping, the distributor in the Pangeran Jayakarta Street, and continue to the location of the business importers.

In this visit, the officers found many brands is not listed lamp as products that meet the SNI standard. In fact, in the lamp is sticked with SNI label.

Imitate SNI lamp brands labeled are false, such as Cahaya and Pancaran trade mark. "This is clearly very hurt consumers," said Director of Supervision of outstanding Good, Inayat Faith at that time.

Based on the findings that, trade department will test to see if appropriate to national standards. While waiting for the test results, trade department will stop the illegal circulation.
Lower Price

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Electricity lighting Industry John Manopo recognize there are many saving energy lamp do not meet national standards circulating in the market. According to him, there are approximately 2 million unit’s of lamps do not appropriate standards enter to Indonesia every month. "The number approximately 15 percent of the total import," said John.

Later the imported saving energy lamp is likely to rise. Trade department record, import on May reached 13.9 million units. Imports in the month of June was not changed. Compare with imports in January 2009 that as many as 8.1 million units.

Increasing in imports are triggered by a decrease in customs fee from Chinese from 15 percent to 5 percent. The local businessman worry, of the increasing of imports, will make local electrical industry collapse. According to data association, in Indonesia there are currently 34 companies producing Saving Energy Lamp, with the amount of the outstanding brands in the market to reach 115.

John asserts, the huge circulation of saving energy threatening electrical products made in Indonesia. The price is cheaper, because they do not have to pay taxes and customs. Consequently, consumers are more interested in rather than buy of local saving energy lamp.