Monday, July 6, 2009

How to write HTML Code For Mathematic

If we want to write something on our blog, sometime have some difficulties becouse the tools is not as complete as on words. Of course we can use word then copy to the blog or sent by email, but the format of our blog sometimes not in a good format.

So in order we can write with qualified article, we also should be known what the code such as for upperscript or lowerscript. For this purpose we just use an html code for upperscript (sup) and end with (/sup), and for lower script we use (sub) and (/sub) in the end of code, just replace the "(" and ")" sign with "<" or ">" because I cannot show to you using this sign dirrectly when write on blog, because computer will change those code as HTML code.

While for write other symbol for mathematics like sigma, alpha, and others (√ ∑ µ £ ξ ρ σ α) we can just copy from word, because this blog will recognize it.