Friday, June 27, 2008

Musical home cinema

Many question how to get hi-fi better sound than home cinema appliance. There are recommended to get this better mix of music CD, film DVD with different price. If you want a system to play music, buy a right instrument for that purpose, beside to buy CD player, you can avoid other function such as Video and other task that sometimes disturb audio signal. Its mean that instrument can only do one task in a very good quality.

In fact, many user prefer to choose the system that good on play DVD, but bad for play CD. This is just because of the family prefer the system that good to play film. May you then ask, is there any system that plays of both?

For those, there are integrated system for both that is called as ‘One System Fits All.’ This design will get a system with sound quality above the average, but they still able to play DVD with good quality, don’t look down for this composition, each have remarkable excess. None each of this system can say cheap, to get a great of two systems, price is no matter. The important thing is corresponding to your target with each, don’t make any mistake.

The next article is offering those systems complete with the price of each set up:
  1. First system price about 50 million rupiah.
  2. Second system price about 100 million rupiah.
  3. Third system price about 150 million rupiah.