Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Television Program

Television is the electronic transmission of moving image with accompanying sound, sent - usually in color - from a central source or sources to home television screen. Videotex and Teletext are methods of providing two broadcaster or cable system. Video camera and video recording describe by methods used to record images and sound electronically. Television production describes how a TV program is made. Television Transmission outlines the various types of image transmission, including cable TV and communication Satellites, Television, Noncommercial discusses the history and functions of educational and public television, Radio and Television Broadcasting examines the development of each industry and their relationship to one another.

Television Monitor is the electronic set that receive a television program from television station, on the television we just can receive the program but we don't sent anything out of the television. Different with the Internet, beside we receive data from Internet Provider, we also sent data to the provider from our computer. Television can receive many program from many television station by use of Parabolic Antene that is received from satelite. Internet don't only receive the data, but also sent data, so will need big power to receive directly the data from the source like Satelite.